Cigarettes and Fires

Cigarettes present a more immediate danger than the possibility of cancer in the future. Burning cigarettes can cause all kinds of fires if they are not put out properly, all the result of carelessness. Fires that result from people casually throwing cigarettes or not disposing of them properly can be dangerous and costly. If you smoke cigarettes, it is your responsibility to ensure that you dispose of them properly to avoid causing a conflagration that could affect other people.
Common cigarette fires

According to a 2006 USA Today article, cigarette-related fires are on the rise and states are trying to stop the problem. Because the chemicals in cigarettes stimulate the flame to stay lit, cigarettes that are not extinguished properly can burn for a time after being discarded. While many states now require safer cigarettes that go out faster, the problem persists.
There are several common cigarette fire scenarios, some of which include:

The fire from the trash can. Some people absentmindedly toss a spent cigarette in the trash when they finish, rather than properly stubbing it out in an ashtray. Trash cans tend to fill up with (surprise!) Paper, which can ignite quickly and suddenly. Make sure to avoid throwing your cigarettes away when you’re done with them. The fire in the bed. Many smokers enjoy a cigarette before going to bed. It is a relaxing way to end the day. However, many people, especially the elderly, tend to fall asleep in bed without realizing that they still have a lit cigarette in hand. Fires set in this way are on the rise, and older people are Vape particularly at risk. A good rule of thumb is to simply avoid smoking in bed. Let the last cigarette of the day sit, put it out in an ashtray, and then go to bed. The forest fire. Man-made wildfires are a problem this time of year, especially in the West, and one of the most common causes of them is a careless lit cigarette. If you’re camping or hiking in the woods, it’s important to make sure to grind up your cigarette butts when you drop them, and not to throw them anywhere with a lot of grass or dry leaves lying around.

Cigarettes and Fires
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